Proving Des Moines is NOT boring

Check out Des Moines’ diverse music scene at the Gross Domestic Product Show

Grab your calendar, quick.  Do you have plans for Saturday, April 2nd around 6 PM?  Not yet?  Consider penciling in the The Greater Des Moines’ Music Coalition’s 6th Annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP) show.  This year’s show returns to the Hotel Fort Des Moines and will feature 13 local bands, including those from the indie, hip-hop, blues, acoustic, metal and electronic pop genres.

You might ask yourself, why should I support local music?  My answer is simple; because it just feels right.  Local bands are comprised of people from all walks of life in Des Moines who you interact with on a regular basis: your neighbor, your sister, the guy at the checkout counter at the grocery store, that one lady you’re on the board of directors with at your child’s preschool, the art director at a big ad agency in town, and some possible future stars of tomorrow.

Past local GDP participants who have broken out of the Des Moines music scene and gained a big following include The Envy Corps, Dirty Little Rabbits, Radio Moscow and Cashes Rivers.  The Envy Corps have achieved notable success with their mesmerizing songs and have been featured in HBO’s hit show “Entourage” and the 2007 film “Run FatBoy Run.”

Dirty Little Rabbits are another Des Moines rock band who have gone on to international success.  Starting as a side project of Slipknot member and founder, Shawn Crahan, the group features a female lead singer (Yay!) named Stella Katsoudas who is, in my humble opinion, the best and most original female rock vocalist today. Seriously, she redefines the word “cool” and when the Rabbits hit the stage, their musicianship is so solid and Katsoudas is such a spellbinding front woman that they never disappoint. And they are from Des Moines, people!

Radio Moscow also played at a past GDP show and their psychedelic, funk has been featured in a Radio Shack ad.  Cashes Rivers is another up and coming star who got his start right here at home at GDP and the Des Moines Music Coalition’s other gigantic baby, the 80/35 Music Festival.  His unique folk-rock sound and soothing voice are gaining him big popularity outside of the Midwest and I think he just might be the next big thing.

Did you know this type of talent was germinating right here?  Right in your backyard?  Who knows which band will be the next shooting star that comes out of our great city of Des Moines, but it will be fun to watch and support our local talent pool of artists who work so hard at perfecting and expressing their art.  So grab your tickets for this year’s GDP at MidwestTIX.  Tickets are $10 in advance, $15 the day of the event or free with a $25 membership donation to the Greater Des Moines Music Coalition.

The lineup of the bands playing this year is detailed below.  Go to the DMMC website to preview songs from this year’s bands.  You can even download some for free!  You should seriously do it.  Like I said, it just feels right.

Grand Ballroom
6:00 – Rebel Creek
7:00 – Land of Blood and Sunshine
8:00 – The Seed Of Something
9:00 – The River Monks
10:00 – La Strange
11:00 – Parlours
Midnight – The Poison Control Center

State Room
6:30 – The New Bodies
7:30 – Seedlings
8:30 – Brooks Strause
9:30 – Index Case
10:30 – Pink Kodiak
11:30 – Gaiden Gadema, Young Tripp, Chris DSKUS10 and Bru’tal collaborative freestyle performance

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