Proving Des Moines is NOT boring

Get to the Fleur for a film! The Oscars are coming!

The 2011 Academy Awards are right around the corner and as a movie-aholic, I love to be able to discuss who should win and why with family and friends.  But since I became a mom five and a half years ago, my days of going to movie theaters to catch flicks have nearly ceased to exist.  I always find myself in a mad rush around the beginning of February to see the nominated films and performances before the big Oscar night comes around.  This year, it’s February 27th, and my “On Demand” feature at home has been working overtime.

After watching a marathon of The Social Network and a few scary movies I missed in the theater at Halloween time (which were somehow left out as Oscar contenders,) my husband put his foot down and insisted we go to an actual movie theater to see a movie instead of our comfy living room.  We called in back-up in the form of gracious babysitting miracles, my in-laws, and set out to see the most talked about film of the year, Black Swan.

Black Swan has been out for awhile and isn’t all over town like it was a month ago, so we only had a few options when selecting the theater to plunk down our hard-earned dollars at.  When we saw the film was playing at the Fleur Cinema and Cafe, our minds were made up.

We love the Fleur Cinema and Cafe for a lot of reasons.  All year-round they are dedicated to showing smaller, independent films that you aren’t likely to find anywhere else in Des Moines.  And around Oscar time, they always focus on making Oscar contenders available for Des Moines film lovers.  They have great snacks that include your regular movie theater fare like popcorn, candy and pop, but they also have homemade goodies.  My sweet-toothed husband got a Scotcheroo to accompany his Swan viewing last weekend.

We love that they sell wine and beer as well.  There’s no other theater in town that allows you to kick back with a Sam Adams Seasonal while anxiously anticipating a movie you’ve been waiting months to see.  Their lobby is great too-with couches, coffee tables and the like.  I’ve had many a girl’s night out catch-up session with gal pals on those couches while waiting for a movie to start.

For me, the best part of the Fleur is the nostalgia I feel when I go there.  Growing up in Scottsdale, Arizona, my family came home to visit our extended family in Des Moines each summer.  Those visits always included my teenage aunt taking me to movies, and often times the Fleur 4 was our destination.  Prior to becoming the hip and happening Fleur Cinema & Cafe, the theater was the “Fleur 4” and played big box office movies.  It was the equivalent to today’s mega-plex monsters that play all of the zillion dollar budget movies under one roof.  I go to the Fleur for their great movies, atmosphere, snacks and drinks, but revel in the nostalgia I feel as I take my seat in the theater.

If you’re looking to catch up on the Oscar contenders that haven’t made it to DVD yet, I suggest the Fleur.  Right now, three of their five featured movies have gotten Oscar nods.  There isn’t a better theater in Des Moines to make you feel at home.  And if you are wondering, I am firmly in Natalie Portman’s court for Best Actress.

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