Proving Des Moines is NOT boring

It’s the holidays already?

As the core of downtown Des Moines has expanded, to include major changes to the Western Gateway Park and East Village areas, the holidays have taken on a different level of glamour. For instance, tomorrow is the kick off to the East Village Association’s Holiday Promenade.

The Promenade is a great opportunity for shoppers to frequent the Village as a vast majority of businesses open their doors to showcase their goods. It also features the annual holiday tree lighting at 6:15, which will surely be a sight to see. The streets will be lit with luminary displays and fireworks will hit the night’s sky with vast abandon. All in all, the night will be a great kick-start to the holiday season.

Serious shoppers and fans of the East Village will enjoy the festive feel of luminary lit streets, horse and carriage rides, and carolers.

I, for one, cannot allow myself to let the holiday lights kick start my thinking about that holiday yet, considering there is still the holiday next week that will hits us first. Typically, after next week’s holiday, and with the start of December, my thoughts start to teeter towards that holiday. Essentially, it seems a little early to be thinking about holiday lights, yet my wife told me yesterday she is nearly done with her holiday shopping – so I maybe alone with my sentiments.

Regardless — Happy start to the holidays.