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Why eat at a chain Wednesday: BangBang Mongolian Grill

For starters, I thought BangBang Mongolian Grill was called Bam Bam, I actually thought that until a few of coworkers used the opportunity to make fun of me due to my lack of knowledge on the name of the business. Yet, after the mental abuse, I still went to BangBang and gave them an opportunity to please me.

Yup, they did. I was very surprised they told us they didn’t have any tables available during the lunch hour. Luckily everyone in the packed restaurant missed out that day as we were given the option to sit on their patio, which was pretty amazing. Picture some pretty plush chairs and – of course – a table. Ok, my description is pretty lacking, but their chairs were very unusual for patio attire at a restaurant. I wondered how long they will last, considering spills and just overall wear and tear. Regardless they were comfortable as heck.

Yes, I know they have food too and maybe I should touch on that. Their theme is very similar to the other Mongolian Grill in town, Huhot. Meaning there is the assembly version to acquire the meal, complete with proteins, starches, sauces, all tied together in a ‘bowl of joy’ which is then handed over to the cooks. As with Huhot, the cooks circle this massive hot plate, all the while cooking your ‘bowl of joy’ and turning it into a ‘plate of joy.’ Well, I can say I have no recollection of what I actually put in my bowl of joy. I know I followed the steps to put their BBQ sauce on top of it, but I do not recall the protein, etc… Whatever it was it was pretty great.

What was different for me (between Huhot and BangBang) was the appetizers. We ordered the appetizers when we got to the table and then went to get in line to prepare our food. While were in line putting our plates of joy together, the server placed these massive Crab Rangoon’s on the table. Now, I love Crab Rangoon’s and I have never eaten such a large Rangoon! It was ginourmous, and it was pretty great. They use a unique breading, the same as they had on their Nacho chips, that truly made them stand out…outside of just the size.

BangBang Mongolian Grill is definately worth a visit and I hope to get out there soon enough to have a meal I remember. Well, at least remember the items in the ‘bowl of joy’. After all, why would you want to eat at a chain when you can eat at BamBam –oops there I went again — BangBang Mongolian Grill?