Proving Des Moines is NOT boring

LAX is Back

Please find the Friday Guest Blog below, this was written by Shawn Harrington

I’ve already seen the most beautiful sight of the summer.  It came in the form of two teams running up and down the fields with their sticks in hand behind Indian Hills Jr. High on Wednesday night.  This marked the first game night ever for the Central Iowa Lacrosse Association (CILA), and may be the first form of organized Lacrosse Des Moines has ever seen.

It comes as a great relief to me personally.  After years of playing club, varsity and college lacrosse back East, it was one of the things I was leaving behind while heading to Iowa.  It never would surprise me though to find new teams forming in the midwest. Throughout the late 90’s and past decade, I’ve been witnessing the explosive popularity of our country’s fastest growing sport as new schools and colleges have been starting up their own programs for good reason.  Many athletic directors have been finding it as a perfect form of agility, strength and speed while sharpening the skills of their athletes.

While new in it’s growing popularity, lacrosse itself has been played in North America for centuries (older than hockey!).  This brings about a rich tradition that’s been incorporated into the sport.  There’s much more to it than the body checks and bruises that are sure to return in the coming weeks as CILA’s Summer League now has a set schedule through August.

While still in the process of merging myself into the new local Lacrosse scene, I’m finding that there’s programs establishing themselves around Iowa now including Iowa State, Drake and Valley High School.  With four full rosters already in place, this is ready to take off and make an impact on our sports scene.  If there’s another benefit needed, my buddy Patrick was able to remind me that it’s one more aspect making sure Des Moines is not boring.

*Special Thanks to CILA’s first sponsorship companies: Clark Physical Therapy, Wellspring Parable Christian Store, and Mi Casa Rustic Furniture and to Adam Edgington as founder of CILA

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