Proving Des Moines is NOT boring

Do More at 80/35

An event like the 80/35 Music Festival is obviously good for the city of Des Moines. The Festival provides a great opportunity to show case our great city to many who travel from across the region to hear the likes of Modest Mouse, Spoon and the other 38 musicians at the Festival.

But, the Festival also provides an ample opportunity for organizations in our great city to showcase what they have to offer to thousands of Festival goers. Each year the Young Professionals Connection hosts the Do More Village, which will be situated on Locust Street right in front of the 1312 Locust building, or between the East and West Free Stages. The Village will be home to many local area Non-profit businesses that have the challenge to provide an engaging experience, which looking at the list of participants for this third year will not be a hard task.

Current participants in this year’s Village:

I think it says a lot that a vast majority of the above list is back for either their second or third years participating in the Village.  The unique association of groups lends themselves to some very interesting discussions and is a great networking opportunity. Plus, put that many groups together for the entire holiday weekend and there is bound to be a story or two worth mentioning — or keeping absolutely silent — either way.

If your organization is still interested in the opportunity, you are not yet too late. Reach out to Shawn Harrington today to get on the list and ensure there are enough tents and tables for your group. It is guaranteed to be a fantastic experience and we can honestly say we have many repeat groups who are back for more this year.

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