Proving Des Moines is NOT boring

A woof, woof mind teaser

Des Moines is a pretty cool city…we have established that in the nearly two years we have been Blogging here at

But, to me, the thing that makes Des Moines is best city in the world is the people. We have a very unique and close knit community, one that is willing to scratch each others backs or go the extra mile whenever needed and I just stumbled across a perfect opportunity for our community to shine.

The Dog-Eat-Dog Trivia night pits teams of 8 people who will go through 8 rounds of trivia questions that range from ‘pop culture to historical facts.’ The event is part fundraiser, part test-your-team-work-and-your-minds trivia contest all rolled into one.

This is no night in the library for brainiacs but more a hilarious case of one-upmanship, collaboration and entertainment,” explained Becky Mollenkamp, board president of The Pet Project Midwest (TPPM). “Whether you’re great at remembering facts from your fourth-grade government class or can bust out a yoga move or sing a song on demand, everyone on the team will contribute.

The Pet Project Midwest is a newly formed organization that was organized by 5 central Iowans who banded together to prevent cruelty to animals in our great state. The trivia night is their first big event geared towards creating awareness for¬†animal related charities and to provide food for food pantries in the city. ‘The Animal Rescue League of Iowa, Animal Lifeline of Iowa, Tobacco-Free Coalition of Iowa, Civic Music Association, Des Moines Area Religious Council and others will be present or have literature available about their organization.’¬†

The events will be held at People’s on May 20th starting with a reception at 5:30 and the games kicking off at 6:30. If you are a animal lover who also loves trivia, get a team of 7 of your pals together and head on down for a great cause. The ticket to the trivia game is also good for the concert starting a little later in the evening by Jon Wayne & The Pain


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