Proving Des Moines is NOT boring

Why eat at a chain Wednesday: The Des Moines Art Center

I never thought about eating lunch at the Des Moines Art Center.

Never…not in a million years.

Boy, had I missed out.

I had the opportunity to each lunch at the Des Moines Art Center during one of those fantastic 20 degree-warmer-than-average days last week, and it was amazing. For starters, we were able to eat out on the patio so we could actually enjoy the weather, something I had not had the opportunity to do yet that week.  The furniture was a classic patio setting that allowed us to face the amazing art work (I failed to get the info on the artist, but the picture is below.)

Not great quality, it was taken from my cell phone

Not great quality, it was taken from my cell phone

Of course the food was amazing as well. I had the Grilled Cajun Tuna Melt Salad. I was so enamored with the setting I failed to adequately take notes on the details of the sandwich, or how it is listed on the menu, which would have done it more justice than I am doing here. Never the less, it was fantastic. Some of my companions decided to have a half sandwich and pasta combo, as the lunch menu had pasta items and sandwiches by themselves or you can combine the two. I was jealous I did not take the grand idea to combine them because I could have tried more than just the one meal. But, that said, the one meal was fantastic…did I say that already?

Anyway, the patio area at the Art Center is not fit to suit a usual lunch crowd, as it is not that large of an option. It may make sense to either call ahead or plan for a longer lunch than an hour because I’m sure the seats go fast on a nice day. I do know the Art Center has a larger inside restaurant, I believe, so you could go there if the patio is already full if you’re in a time crunch. Anyway, why would you eat at a chain restaurant when you can eat at the classic Des Moines Art Center?