Proving Des Moines is NOT boring

The end-all weekend planner

Dave Mathews Band plays Friday night

Dave Mathews Band plays Friday night

All right, I have the weekend planned out for you so you don’t need to take any time researching options.  Let’s start with Friday: The hot tickets for Friday are both in the entertainment industry.

  • Numero uno is the Dave Matthews Band show at Principal Park. If you were one of the lucky 18k people to get a ticket to this show you are going to have a blast and I am completely jealous. I hope the rain holds off (yes I am knocking on wood as I type) so you can enjoy the show and not have to worry about ponchos or falling in a mud-bath in the in-field.
  • Secondly, and a much safer bet to avoid any weather unease, Wicked comes to town this week and is showing over at the Civic Center.  I heard it takes them nearly three days to get the set up and ready for the show, I bet it is amazing.

If shelling out your life’s savings for tickets to either of the above is not in your best interest, or you were not forthright enough to plan 6 months ago to go to the DMB show…there are a few other options for Friday:

  • Jake Johnson is performing his zany comedy over at the Funny Bone.
  • Days of the New are performing at the House of Bricks
  • 65 Roses, which includes live music and a silent auction to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is at the Des Moines Social Club

All right, Friday is licked…what is on tap for Saturday.

Sunday, is not a day to chill and watch football, at least this week.

  • Get up at 8am and go for a 10 mile jog with the Capital Striders. The Capital Pursuit starts in downtown and meanders through the city for 10 wonderful miles until the finish, which is back down at Nollen Plaza.  It is ok if getting up early on a Sunday to run is not in your “bag,” only the cool people will be there. :)
  • Stop on by the Grand Opening of the Papajohn Sculpture Park, at 1pm, for the official word and to view the nearly $40 million worth of art. Even if you have already stopped by the park this week, get back out there on Sunday to see the official dedication and ceremony. It is ok, you can Tivo your NFL football game and watch it later.

There you have it, the end-all weekend planner for this weekend.  Ok, I understand we are lucky enough to live in a city where there are many other things going on this weekend and this is not a list of everything.